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The moral compass has no magnetic north 

magnetic compass is a handy instrument that sailors and pilots still use while navigating their way. The compass gives no directions. It only indicates the magnetic north that is used as  a reference. 

In the Old Testament you can read why a moral compass is much in need by humanity. The first humans, Adam and Eve, were evicted from the paradise of innocence  because they had crossed a line no living creature had crossed before. Early homo sapiens had invented the concept of good and evil. Living with that concept is simply unbearable without some kind of directions . 

But a moral compass has no magnetic north. The claim of a absolute truth as a reference for good and evil is misleading. Provided by religions, ideologies and economies. In the Universe there is no moral debate (as far as I know). Events are triggered by natural forces and the consequences are there. 

By evolution all living creatures are provided with two skills to increase their chance of survival: fighting and uniting. Survival of the fittest and forming coalitions.

Like everybody else I have my own moral compass.  And I am shocked and frustrated by many things that are happening today. Then I remembered the concept of Yin & Yang. Complementary forces that are in harmony. This concept helps me to understand what's going on. Worldwide, the sentiment is  shifting drasticly from unite to fight. From empathy to survival of the fittest. From promoting diversity to claiming supremacy. 

Fighting and uniting are the only two options we have. Harmonising those two maybe the optimum we can achieve.

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