George Boer Photography
Birds Pheasant, Gostynin, Spoonbills fishing Great White Egret, F Kingfisher, Flevolan Kingfisher, Flevolan Two Kingfishers, Fle Kingfisher, Flevolan Grey Heron (Markelo Grey Heron (Markelo Black Tern (Zouweboe Birds Black Tern (Zouweboe Black Tern (Zouweboe Black Tern (Zouweboe Barnacle Goose (Balg Eurasian Oystercatch Common Redshank (Bal Common Tern (Balgzan Birds Birds Birds Common Shelduck posi Gadwall at it's best Black-tailed Godwit Common Redshank in ' Black-tailed Godwit Eurasian Nuthatch (V Eurasian Oystercatch Common Shelducks (Ba Eurasian Bullfinch m Hawfinch (Vledder 20 Yellowhammer male (V Hawfinch (Vledder 20 Eurasian Bullfinch f Marsh Tit (Vledder 2 Hawfinch (Vledder 20 Eurasian Bullfinch m Common Chaffinch mal White-tailed Eagle i White-tailed Eagle i Birds Parent Great Crested Couple of Great Cres Couple of Great Cres Black-tailed Godwit Eurasian Nuthatch, ' Great Cormorants hun Female Tufted Duck i Elusive Water Rail i Mallard with chicks, Bluethroat, Groene J European Crested Til Black-headed Gull un Black-headed Gull un Black-headed Gull no Black-headed Gull un Black-headed Gull un Black-heades Gull un Black-headed Gull un This Pied Avocet egg Barn Swallow, Arkemh Eurasian Sparrowhawk European Robin, ' Bearded Reedling, Ri Bearded Reedling, Ri Bleck-necked Grebe, Eurasian Spoonbill, Eurasian Spoonbill, Eurasian Spoonbill, Kingfisher, Lepelaar Black Tern, Zouweboe Common Tern, Texel ( Pearl-spotted Owlet, Birds Gannets Puffin Gannet Gannets Gannets Gannet colonie Razorbill Couple of Razorbills Razorbill Puffin Razorbill Puffin in the rain Pied Avocet, Texel ( Pied Avocet, Texel ( Pied Avocet; only a Pied Avocet chick wi Pied Avocet, Texel 2 Pied Avocet (balgzan Pied Avocets (Balgza Pied Avocets fightin Pied Avocets (Balgza Couple of Pied Avoce Couple of Pied Avoce Couple of Pied Avoce
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